Jailbreak Your PS3 Now

Easy To Download, Install, And Activate

  • Save A Lot Of Money

    Save A Lot Of Money

    Save Money On Game And Software.

  • Easy To Install

    Easy To Install

    Easy to install with the help of an USB device

  • Use Your Creativity

    Use Your Creativity

    Create Your Own Software For The Jailbroken Playstation

  • Works On All Playstations

    Works On All Playstations

    The Software Works On All Offical Firmware Versions.

  • Put Your Games On A Hard Disc

    Put Your Games On A Hard Disc

    No Need to Burn Games Anymore, Just Put The ISO On A Hard Disc And It's Play Ready!

  • No Boundaries

    No Boundaries

    Use Mods, Emulators And Other Third Party Software. The Possibilities Are Endless!

How it works

This jailbreak removes the software system protections built by Sony. After the removal of this security it is possible to make use of third party software as well as back-ups.

Sony usually releases a Firmware update as soon as a new version of the jailbreak has come out but this jailbreak auto-updates as soon as a Sony releases a new Firmware version.

So the user doesn’t have to worry about losing the jailbreak software or not being able to go on the Playstation Network

Video support

Watch this video made by John to learn how to jailbreak you ps3

An other option is to head over to the how to page


Works Great! Jailbroke my ps3 and downloaded some cool games
John Copland
John Copland
Active Gamer
As a full-time dad this saved me a lot of money.
As a game journalist i can say that this is a fantastic piece of software.
Steve Orlando
Steve Orlando
Game Journalist

Come on, it's time to jailbreak your playstation...

This is your final chance to play all games for free!